About Evicc

Evicc Solid Surfaces was formed by a group of professionals who have extensive experience working with high quality materials, and a forward thinking vision of global business development. In an increasingly competitive world, we are conscious of the needs and high expectations of our clients, so we are committed to providing the best results and successfully fulfilling all projects entrusted to us.

Evicc is comprised of a team which has considerable experience in a wide range of projects, both publically funded and private. Since we are so highly specialised in working with these types of high end products, we possess the necessary experience and knowledge to be the optimum partner in the development of all kinds of projects.

We work closely in all phases of the planning and implementation of the projects. Our role is to deliver maximum quality, offering personalized attention and solutions adapted to each customer’s needs.



Company values

We like things clear and direct. During the development of our clients’ projects, we analyse all possible problems so that the contractor has all the relevant and necessary information to be able to make the best decision based on their own interests. We provide both a technical and design team who, after taking into account the specific requirements of the client, will put forward a technical solution advising on the best way to execute the project.

Collaborative transparency

As custom service providers, our main objective is our clients’ success. To achieve this goal, we make the utmost effort to offer the client the products that best meet their needs. As a specialist company we know which product will be the most suitable for our clients’ purpose and we work to guarantee their complete satisfaction.


Our clients’ time is very important to us and we understand how important punctuality is for an efficient businessperson. We diligently strive to meet all agreed upon deadlines.

We are a global business which works in many regions, always adapting to the circumstances of each client. We believe that a missed deadline equals an unsatisfied client.

Specialisation and versatility

The high specialisation of the company allows us to offer an answer to any enquiry. We can work from our own or someone else’s design and our technical department will identify the most efficient solution to carry out the manufacture and installation of the products.

We work with a wide range of solid surface brands and a huge variety of products which allows us to meet the demands of any client enquiry.

Guaranteed results

The execution of the agreed work is guaranteed by our track record and the variety of sectors in which we are present. Our client portfolio includes everything from end customers to leading companies in both the private and public sectors on an international level.

Environmental values

We love the world we live in. One of the objectives of Evicc is to keep our human footprint to a minimum in the implementation of every project we undertake. To achieve this we have production processes and internal waste processing to cause minimal environmental impact.

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