Collaborative transparency

As custom service providers, our main objective is our clients’ success. To achieve this goal, we make the utmost effort to offer the client the products that best meet their needs. As a specialist company we know which product will be the most suitable for our clients’ purpose and we work to guarantee their complete satisfaction.


Environmental values

We love the world we live in. One of the objectives of Evicc is to keep our human footprint to a minimum in the implementation of every project we undertake. To achieve this we have production processes and internal waste processing to cause minimal environmental impact.

Company values

We like things clear and direct. During the development of our clients’ projects, we analyse all possible problems so that the contractor has all the relevant and necessary information to be able to make the best decision based on their own interests. We provide both a technical and design team who, after taking into account the specific requirements of the client, will put forward a technical solution advising on the best way to execute the project.

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